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Infusion ERP can fully automate your routine business cycles and store information in a concentrated area, not just making the information easily accessible to clients who need it to perform undertakings, yet in addition empowering mechanized correspondence between storehouses or offices


Infusion ERP provides you the ability to integrate your business in order to run smoothly. Business processes are integrated end to end across departments and business units.

Financial Accounting

Infusion ERP with its financial accounting feature assists with smoothing out your cycles, increment exactness, and reducing costs. Whenever financial processes are computerized, examination offers esteemed knowledge and the executives choices productively made. Furthermore, ERP frameworks are utilized to forestall mistakes in accounts and notice organization actions and activities.

Management Accounting

ERP bookkeeping highlights convey the capacity to track, store and examine monetary information, like records payable (AP), debt claims (AR), general record (GL), financial plans, and gauging. Frameworks might perform further developed errands like assessing the board, fixed resources of the executives, income acknowledgment, and multi-cash compromise. This usefulness reduces the time it takes to accommodate and finish off month-to-month fiscal reports. It's basic for organizations hoping to move to consistent month-end closes.

Human Resources

The HR feature part of the Infusion ERP framework goes about as a start to finish worker the executive's stage, taking care of finance, employing, onboarding, paying the board, and timekeeping. Complex HR capacities, similar to duty and advantages allowances, are mechanized with ERP-associated HR programming, which saves time and money and reduce errors.


ERP has started working in manufacturing. The present frameworks will make proficiency in assembling processes by helping with item arranging, obtaining natural substances, creation observing, and estimating. This module is in development and it will be completed soon.

Application Development

Infusion ERP is also aimed to provide app development service to its customers in the coming times. This service is still under development but soon it will be executed in order to serve our clients.

Order Processing

Infusion ERP provides order capturing to enhance customer experience, it can help you retain your existing customers and also expand your business. It also provides assistance to introduce automation at each level – order, sales, customer service, finance and accounting, supply chain, fulfillment, and cash delivery.

Project Management

Infusion ERP can give ongoing data connected with the project. ERP will assist with dispensing assets to best serve a project ERP can help with any necessary restorative activities over the lifetime of the venture. Most organizations require projecting the executives whether sometimes or consistently.

Multi Lingual

Infusion ERP supports English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and German so you can take this service for your local area. Because our target is worldwide.

Data Analysis

Infusion ERP data analysis is able to rapidly identify, trap, validate and pass relevant data points throughout an entire supply and sales chain. This allows ERP users to become more prescient than competitors and allows for enormous increases in overall revenue efficiency over time.


Better reporting is a critical job but Infusion ERP provides the facility to accumulate data and generate reports. Reports might incorporate visual portrayals, for example, diagrams, charts, and dashboards, ideally uncovering patterns and examples to further develop business results.

Tracking and visibility

Infusion ERP provides better tracking and visibility ERP stages permit organizations to track, surface, and comprehend business measurements a strong element. It provides better access to continuous information, separating data storehouses and offering revealing and investigation for each part of business activities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

ERP frameworks with coordinated CRM bring client relationship information into the mix, growing the perspective on the business. All client data including contacts, request history, buy requests, and prospect status-is in a common, effectively open database.

SRM (Supply Chain Management)

Infusion ERP framework offers knowledge into an organization's production network the executives (SCM) proficiency by the following interest, stock, fabricating cycles, operations, and dissemination. A completely robotized and coordinated store network upgrades tasks by recommending buy orders, work requests, and moving orders across various areas.

Sales and marketing

Infusion ERP frameworks with coordinated benefit showcasing and outreach groups by making it more straightforward for them to sell, upsell, create statements and buy orders, gauge, oversee commissions and track key subtleties like net revenues and proportions and proportions.


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Infusion ERP is a cloud based ERPwhich has following list of features